Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kaneohe Drive Thru...Really?

This particular Starbucks has gotten a bad rep. Our dear Malia always seems to have trouble getting exactly what she wants there. You can understand why I was a little worried to use the drive thru here on my way to drop Malia off at the airport. We pulled up---my personal grande cup in hand and Malia with her Black Starbucks Discount Card...armed and dangerous! We obviously aren't ones for change...same order, literally, as yesterday. Well, at least we got our Starbucks in before Malia went to the mainland (still minus Mai though).

Mai Ly has already been to the first Starbucks in Pike's Place. I went on occasion when I used to live in Washington, and now Malia is getting the opportunity to experience Starbucks finest as well. Take pictures for us Malia!
I know this isn't a photo of the Kaneohe Starbucks but I had to re-post this...when I "Googled" images of Kaneohe Starbucks, this picture showed up! We are legendary (in cyber world) Starbucks drinkers!

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