Monday, September 14, 2009

Kailua Morning

We were one short today. Mai Ly's daughter Arwen is suffering from a bad cold and our third member of the Starbucks crew was at home nursing a sick five year old back to good health. Malia and I hit the beach in Kailua for a morning walk---2.5 miles each way (you do the math).After a good for the legs walk, we needed a good for the soul drink---Starbucks Kailua it is! Malia believes in the motto "you fly, I buy" so since I drove to the Windward side, she bought me my Grande (in a personal cup) Iced Chai (with soy) latte. We split the Rosemary Mozzarella sandwich but had our barista warm it up (much better than straight out of the cooler). We got our drinks and as we grabbed them, asked for two cups of water (walking can dehydrate a girl!). We sucked those down and promptly requested a refill. We stepped outside into the Kailua sun where we chatted and enjoyed our iced Chai's. The sun was quickly creeping overhead and sun burnt arms weren't the goal of the morning so we bid our Kailua Starbucks farewell...til tomorrow!

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