Thursday, January 24, 2008

Keeaumoku Starbucks and Untraceable

Larisa was invited to another advanced movie screening the other night, so she could write a review for The movie? Untraceable. And since she had two additional tickets to share with her coffee partners, we decided to begin this movie excursion with a quick stop at where else? Starbucks.

We originally planned on dinner at Hanazen, a little bento place in the Walmart Superblock on Keeaumoku that makes AMAZING garlic chicken, but Malia and her Tahitian tan showed up full, having eaten at her earlier stop at Tiki's Grill & Bar. Without the threesome able to enjoy garlic breath, Larisa and I opted to just get something quick at Starbucks with our drink orders. Of course, this location had a pretty bare selection of food items left by this time of day, and then Larisa ordered the last Turkey Pesto sandwich, so I decided to have nothing but a Starbucks and a smile for dinner.

Our Starbucks mugs inventories all went up by one with the addition of Malia's gifts to us from her Tahiti trip. There weren't any Starbucks locations in Tahiti, so she brought us back mugs found at her LA stop... Griffith Park Los Angeles. Very cool. I'm actually up TWO mugs now since my last mug post because I also received a mug from Larisa for my birthday on the 17th -- a SPOKANE mug all the way from MILILANI. This is kind of like the Las Vegas tumblers Malia and I came across at one of the Kaneohe Starbucks stores. We were puzzled and asked how or why they'd have items from Vegas, and the barista explained that sometimes stuff is shipped in error, and they just put it on the shelves. Too funny. I wasn't even aware there was a Spokane mug. Laura lives in Spokane, and had I guessed there was a mug there, I would've asked her to bring me one on her next return home. So Laura, you've been spared...unless you want to bring mugs back for Larisa and Malia because there was only one. Thank you Larisa for my lovely mug and Starbucks liquer! I'll have to use them together one day. Should make for one interesting cup of coffee. And since we're on the subject of Starbucks birthday thank you's...Thank you to my stepmom Phyl in Philly for my Starbucks gift card! The perfect gift :-)

How was the movie? I'll let you read Larisa's online review because I spent most of the time with my hands over my face peeking at the sceen through my fingers. I love Diane Lane and used to really enjoy thrillers, but I don't know... I didn't care much for this one. Appreciated the free flick and a great company though, so it wasn't a total bust.

For this visit:

Our baristas: Tiffany, Emilio, & Reese

Our drinks:
  • Malia: Venti, Nonfat, Wet, Toffee Nut Cappuccino
  • Larisa: Tall, Sweetened Black Iced Tea Lemonade
  • Mai: Venti, Sweetened Black Iced Tea Lemonade
  • Malia: Crispy Square Bar
  • Larisa: The last Turkey Pesto Sandwich and a Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker

1 comment:

Laura said...

i didn't even know there was a spokane mug...shows how much i pay attention when i'm up here!
i was way more concerned while i was home with getting a hawaii travel mug so i could use it at school :)
i will definitely keep larissa and malia in mind before i come home!
miss you all!

ps: your blog makes me happy...and it's good for procrastination! :)