Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mele Kaliki-Starbucks

I love my friends. This morning I woke up to find a wonderful email from our dear friend and sorority sister, Ronda, in Montgomery, Alabama. She and her beautiful family visited a Starbucks on Christmas Eve and thought of us, so they shared some pictures of everyone enjoying our favorite treat! A White Chocolate Mocha for Jason, an Eggnog Latte for Ronda, and a couple of Peppermint Hot Cocoas for Hugh and Grant. I'm craving a cup just thinking about it. Awww...nothing on the menu for Eli :-( I get this face when I can't have Starbucks either, but it's not nearly as cute. It's okay Little Man. You'll be joining us for "coffee" in no time. We are so looking forward to Ronda's return to Hawaii in January and plan to have her join us for at least one Starbucks stop during her visit. (Love ya Ronda and thanks for the Starbucks gift card!)

We opened presents at home. Woohoo! A Starbucks gift card from Jayme! (See why I love my friends?) Jayme is another dear friend and sorority sister that will be visiting us next year. (We'll see you at Starbucks Girl!) Then we opened more presents with my mother-in-law. Oooooo! A Tucson Starbucks mug from my brother-in-law, Mike! Larisa and Malia don't know about this new acquisition yet. Well okay, they'll know now, so sorry girls. Mike's not on the web, so he doesn't know about the blog or the mission. He remembered my desperate search for Tucson mugs (for all three of us) when we visited him in October 2006. After stops to every Starbucks in our path, a barista finally told me Tucson didn't have a mug. Guess they do now, so I'll be sure to pick you each one up the next time we go see him. Mahalo Mike for mine!

On our way to my mothers for lunch and more presents, I got a call from Malia asking if I want to break away from the family for a quick Christmas Starbucks break. We'd talked about possibly doing a Christmas Starbucks visit, but with all of the hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays combined with the need (and for some a requirement) to visit with family, I wasn't sure this was going to happen. An opportunity to ditch...er... I mean sacrifice time spent with my family for Starbucks? Tell me where and when. I'm there.

Most Starbucks locations were only open until noon or 2 p.m. today if at all. The Aloha Tower Starbucks would be open until 4 p.m. depending upon the flow of business. If it got too slow, they'd close shop early. QUICK!!! TO ALOHA TOWER!!!

For this visit:

Our baristas: Wise, Amy, and Ricardo

Our drinks:
  • Malia: Venti, Decaf, Nonfat, Sugarfree, Foam, No Whip Gingerbread Latte
  • Larisa: 2 Grande, Iced, Stirred Caramel Macchiattos (one for Isom)
  • Mai: Grande, Whole Milk, No Whip, Toffee Nut Latte

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Ronda said...

AHHHHHH! Jason and I feel so famous and honored to have made a post on your Starbucks blog! Jason loved his first Starbucks experience and I enjoyed my Eggnog Latte. Thanks for thinking of us...we toasted to your girls while were were there.