Saturday, November 10, 2007

Maui Stamp Mugs

So there I was at the Manoa Starbucks on my way to a Stampin' Up! party. It was suppose to be a quick stop to pick me up a venti nonfat, decaf, white chocolate mocha with foam, no whip, and a Carmel Macchiato for Mai Ly. (Larisa wasn't joining us for the party or I would have picked her up one, too.) However, I caught myself doing something I shouldn't have done...I started to walk around and look at the shelves of Starbucks merchandise. Now, I can probably tell you the current inventory of merchandise in any Starbucks, so why I was walking around was unbeknown to me...okay, it was was out of habit. Good thing (or bad, yeah right!) though, as I spotted the red label we all long for...the red label indicating a sale item. And what was it? A Maui stamped mug! Now, we have a deal that we won't buy a mug from a place other than its city...which is fair, right? I mean what fun would that be if you could buy all your "city" mugs from the same store? (Note to self, write about the "dilemma" while at the Starbucks in Narita, Japan.) But this was an exception, and I'm sure you'll agree with me as to why...they were $1.99! You would be an F-O-O-L not to make the purchase. And there was a sign (as if $1.99 needed to be justified), there were 3 of them! That's for me, Mai and Larisa. I would have felt bad if there was only one, (because I would have to hide it from the other 2) or even two (because I would have to choose who to give it to without the other knowing)...but 3 meant we could each have one...hence, a sign. So, I did the only thing I could do, I bought all 3. What another great day at Starbucks!

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